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Fits Your Favourite World Airlines The Greenest Choice In Luggage Feather Light Folds Away Easily

At Bag4Flight we design our bags to be the lightest flexible, water-resistant, multi-airline hand luggage out there.

Our Bag4Flight One fits over 121+ national and international airlines, including EasyJet and RyanAir. 

Make your trips easier and make air travel more flexible, enjoyable, economical and fun with the Bag4Flight One. Wherever you're headed, make sure you have your Bag4Flight handy. It's your trip... #inthebag!

Perfect For Any Occasion...

Perfectly Sized Wherever You Go Perfect for Picnics and the Beach Save Money, Time & Hassle That Extra Space You Need

We have aimed to make the Bag4Flight One the ultimate hyper-useful travel bag. Not only is it a perfectly sized bit of hand-luggage, it also doubles up as a beach bag and that extra space you need when you're travelling back from abroad.

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Bag4Flight FlyOne

“The Lightest Flexible and Water-Resistant Multi-Airline Hand Luggage. Fits Over 121 International Airlines: including EasyJet and RyanAir!"

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